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Consent for Photographs

Consent for Photographs Consent is requested from each parent when enrolling with the school. Should the parent wish to have his/her child’s photograph removed from the school website, brochure, yearbooks, newsletters etc. at any time, we will duly comply on receipt of a written request to the school principal.


The school maintains a database of photographs from school events held over the years. It has become customary to take photos of students engaged in activities and events in the interest of creating a pictorial as well as historical record of life at the school. Photographs and the student’s names may be published on our school website, app, on social media or in brochures, yearbooks, newsletters, local and national newspapers and similar school-related productions.

Photo Consent
Documentation can be submitted in hard copy at a later date if necessary.
Do you have a copy of the applicants Birth Certificate?
Does your child have an exemption from Irish? (Documentation is required)
Does your child have an Educational and /or Clinical Report: Documentary Evidence must be provided.
Cultural Heritage
If you do not wish to answer the following question then please select "No Consent".
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Code of Conduct
We have read and accepted the School Rules and Code of Behaviour. A copy of the Code of Behaviour can be found on or from the school office.
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Family, Education and Medical Details
Has any member of the family attended Bishopstown Community School
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