2018 Michael D runs for a second term, the Irish Hockey Team reaches a world cup final and Bishopstown Community School performs a musical. 

What a fab year!!!

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2017 Ireland beat the All Blacks, Leo Varadkar becomes Taoiseach and BCS Students present a bill to the Seanad.

What a great year!!!

Have a look through our 2017 newsletter.

Bishopstown Community School

2016 A general election was held, Ireland qualifies for the Euro's, David Bowie passes away and the UCC Mobile Physioligy Lab visits BCS.


What a busy year!!! 

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Bishopstown Community School Newsletter

2015 Well now the first half of 2015 went well. Six nations in the bag, and once again the teachers are victorious in the students vs teachers basketball.


Catch up on all the gossip in the 2015 newsletter.

Bishopstown Community School Newsletter

2014 was loaded with drama, Scotland votes to stay part of the UK and Bishopstown Community School host a fashion show.


For a touch of nostalgia have a peek at our 2014 newsletter.

2013 was terribly exciting, we got a new pope, Clare beat Cork in the hurling and Bishopstown Community School launched a rocket!!!!


Check out our 2013 newsletter.

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